About us

Global warming is now a serious threat to our planet. Unfortunately, few options exist to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gasses without completely upending the way we live. At offCents we set out to provide a simple, relevant and fun way to do a small part in the effort to stop a warming Earth. Our mission is to encourage and enable immediate action in order to reduce worldwide carbon emissions from transportation.

offCents provides real time, automated tracking of your carbon emissions from transportation. From the application, you can choose to offset your carbon footprint from any number of your car, train or airplane trips. You control how much you want to spend in contributing to this cause. Proceeds from your offsets go toward purchasing carbon offsets, or Voluntary Emission Reductions (VERs).

Each carbon offset funds carbon reducing projects such as renewable power generation, methane capture and protection of forests.

offCents allows user to automatically detect, calculate and offset their carbon emissions from transportation.

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