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What is offCents?

offCents is a mobile application with one mission: Reduce carbon emissions from transportation! The application incentivizes you to take clean forms of travel and offset any carbon intensive travel. When you agree to offset your transportation, we purchase carbon offsets on your behalf. Every time you offset you earn our offCents coins that can be redeemed for great rewards!

How does it work?

We have spent a great deal of effort developing technology to automatically detect and distinguish between clean and carbon-emitting travel. Car rides, planes, and trains are converted to a travel carbon footprint. Conversely, walking, biking, ride sharing, and mass transit convert into free carbon offset Credits. Receiving earned Credit for good behavior enables you to reduce the impact of unavoidable carbon-intensive travel. You may purchase additional Credits to become in balance, or carbon neutral, should your monthly travel emissions exceed offset Credits earned. Finally, you are rewarded for using your Credit to offset. For each Credit used to offset CO2 emissions, you will receive one offCents coin.

What are Credits?

A Credit represents 1 lb of actual carbon offsets or verified emission reductions (VERs) from our projects we support. Earning Credits are offCents way of encouraging low emissions travel. Each Credit earned can use to offset higher emissions travel. For each Credit used, whether purchased or earned, offCents retires carbon offsets, or VERs, on your behalf and you’ll receive an offCents coin redeemable for rewards.

What is a Carbon Offset or VER?

Carbon offsets are a market based approach to create projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Offsets are generated from scientifically verified projects that reduce carbon emissions. For every metric ton (2,205 lbs) of carbon reduction, a project receives one offset. Developers of that project can sell their offsets in order to finance the operations of new and existing projects. For example, selling offsets can make owning and protecting a forest as or more lucrative than deforesting it for profit.

How do you offset my carbon footprint from transportation?

offCents is an active buyer of carbon offsets, or VERs, from verified carbon reducing projects. Each month we purchase carbon offsets on your behalf that correspond to the amount of CO2 lbs you offset. The carbon offsets we acquire are validated and verified by the most reputable standards as set forth by the Climate Action Reserve, American Carbon Registry, and Verified Carbon Standard. Each month you will receive a certificate representing the CO2 you eliminated from polluting our atmosphere.

How can I be sure offCents is offsetting carbon emissions?

Carbon offsets can be bought and sold again until they are retired. When offsets are retired, they can never be sold or claimed again. offCents buys and retires offsets. We never resell them. You can view our carbon offset retirements on our projects page. In addition to publicly listing our retirements, a third party conducts an annual audit of all offCents retirements.

How does offCents calculate my emissions?

We are continually updating our methodology to be as accurate as possible in calculating your carbon footprint. Please see our carbon methodology page for more details.

Why pay for carbon offsets?

Paying for carbon offsets fund carbon reducing projects. Although many of us care about the environment, we cannot stop using transportation in our daily lives. By purchasing offsets, you help fund a project that will reduce carbon emissions equal to the carbon you create from transportation.

What projects do you support?

Please check our projects page to view the projects your offsets support.

When am I charged?

The price to offset a ride is displayed on each trip card. If you select 'Offset', you are agreeing to pay to offset the ride. offCents will charge you monthly. You can find your billing date via 'More' > 'My plan & payments'.

What do offCents coins get me?

We think doing good for the environment is a great thing. However, as global warming is reaching a tipping point, it is also becoming a threat that requires immediate action. While we want to reward our active users, we also want to encourage new people to participate. Please continue to check back for rewards that you may redeem with coins.

Why is offCents a valuable
app to me?

The effects of global warming may not be disruptive to you; however, the negative impacts will only continue to worsen if worldwide carbon emissions are not reduced. We believe that offCents is valuable to all of us! Plus you can do two great things by just walking or biking. 1. reduce CO2 in our atmosphere and 2. earn rewards.

How does offCents make money and what is its carbon negative pledge?

offCents works with projects directly to pool users and buy offset credits in large quantities. It’s nearly impossible for projects to find all our users and sell credits one by one. So offCents charges a fixed fee that’s based on historical prices of carbon and that we believe enables us to support strong projects available across a range of geographies and technologies. The cost for us to buy offsets credits from projects and cover registry fees (where we formally retire offset credits) varies depending on market conditions. offCents may make a profit on the sale of credits if what we charge is in excess of our price in the wholesale market. However, we created our carbon-negative pledge to address this and to ensure all profits go to fight climate change. We won’t just keep our profit; we’ll make sure you’re carbon neutral and then reinvest any excess proceeds into renewable energy! We also try to subsidize our software development through advertising and affiliate marketing. This allows us to reinvest more! offCents is not currently profitable, so we are committing to reinvest 10% of all revenue until profitable!

Why reinvest profits?

The IPCC estimates that the world requires about $2.4 trillion of energy-related investments to be made each year through 2035 to avoid warming past 1.5 degrees celsius. Globally, we’re investing nowhere near this level. According to the Climate Policy Initiative, total climate investment in 2018 was $546 billion or just less than one-quarter of investment needed.

What if offCents does not detect my ride?

A ride card may take several minutes to appear after the end of a trip. If a ride card still does not appear, check that location services in iOS settings is set to 'Always' for offCents. Also, check for any available updates for offCents in the App Store. If you are still having trouble, contact us at support@offcents.com. Of course, you can always add a trip manually.

What if I am not earning Credits for walking or biking?

Please check the settings on your device for offCents. offCents requires access to your Motion & Fitness in order to determine the steps you take walking or distance you bike. Once this permission is granted, you can start reducing carbon emissions by just walking!

Will offCents use a lot of my battery?

No, offCents will sleep and do its work to track and offset your transportation emissions with minimal power. You should notice that offCents battery usage is very low. Of course, if you are opening offCents to check out our great rewards, on screen time will cause offCents use to be a little higher. But the magic of tracking and removing carbon from our atmosphere takes very little power!

Who is offCents?

We are a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). This means achieving a public benefit is a core goal to our company. We issue annual reports to disclose our impact.

Is a Public Benefit Corporation the same as a Certified B Corporation?

No, however, most certified B Corp’s must also be a PBC. PBC is a legal corporate structure and B Corp status is granted based on the B Lab’s Impact Assessment. We are currently in the application process to be a Certified B Corp.

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